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Is an innovative design brand by Anca Miron, bordering both functionality and art. The interactive installation invites for co-creators to each define the shape of the object. The minimalist textile design can be worn variously, and can be integrated into the interior design. HOW?

OBLONG is a new design brand that revives an award winning wearable design and integrates it into 4 furniture objects.

Multifunctional, eco, unisex, multidisciplinary, hyperfunctional.

From interior design to fashion design. OBLONG interacts with timeless and innovative furniture designs.

who is Anca Miron?

ANCA MIRON is multidisciplinary artist. In her young 20s she owned her own fashion label and won an international prize for the design. The awarded design pattern is included in the concept of her new design brand OBLONG.

FORBES Magazine dedicated her a cover and named her Otaku Belle, one of the most innovative creatives in Romania due to her originality and affiliation to japanese and nordic design.

As a designer of objects and interiors, Anca has a 15+ experience as a production designer / exhibition designer / interior designer / artist.

Her wide experience in cinematography as a designer makes it easy for her to understand complex needs and envision fascinating visual universes.

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Photo: Dan Stanescu

Sustainability Innovation craftsmanship documentation online platform


The textile piece will be made in collaboration with KRAFT Made, one of the few crafts associations in Romania, with a wide audience locally and internationally

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The furniture pieces will be handmade in collaboration with a local

smithmen & craftsmen, largely from recycled metals

Innovation is taking shape with the minimalist and multifunctional design of Anca Miron, already internationally awarded. The textile piece is now taking further steps into interior design, fusing fashion with object design.

The documentary film will be an important part of the process. The project developed between May 24 - October 15 will result in a documentary film that will be included on the online OBLONG platform, and in the communication developed with the help of media partners.

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